Mokume-Style Laser Engraved Black Zirconium Ring

Mokume-Style Laser Engraved Black Zirconium Ring

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Our Protection Plan Policy!
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Our Protection Plan Policy!
Black Zirconium
Made in USA:


What's cooler than being cool? When being cool isn't good enough, it's time to smack it to the curb and get even cooler. Welcome to the Mokume-Style Laser Engraved Ring, the most badass style seen this side of midnight! So, what is it, you ask? How could something be cooler than cool? Simple, this ring is built from dark material. That's regular, shiny material that's been subjected to insanely hot temperatures to form a badass ash-dark coating. And then there's the high powered laser we shot it with to create the wavy swirls and bands you see here. The burned parts of the metal have an interesting texture that contrasts nicely against the polish of the unburned portions of the ring. Those swirls, by the way, are modeled after the patterns of Mokume Gane, an ancient Japanese method of folding metals and steel -- go ahead and impress gawkers with that tidbit. This new classic is available now in a range of sizes and personalization options. Want to see the lighter side of the equation? Put on your shades and preview our equally cool titanium version!

  • Made in the USA
  • Free domestic shipping
  • Unique texture burned into the ring's surface

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