Mud Bogger Rings

A Mud Bogger's Dream: Titanium-Buzz Mud Bogger Rings

There's nothing quite like kicking up a little mud on the weekend, and here at Titanium-Buzz, we know that better than anyone else. If you love dunking all four wheels in the mud and crawling over rocks, you'll love the awesome selection of mud bogger rings from this collection. Each ring is styled with a precision-carved tire tread imprint that's sure to get your wheels turning.

We have tons of cool styles to suit every type of four-wheeling fan at Titanium-Buzz. Our Black Titanium Mud Bogger Ring is the perfect way for the rough-and-tumble groom-to-be to say "I do" — or rock one of these rings as a unique conversation-starter with your mud-proof overalls.


Rings You Won't Mind Getting Dirty

Our mud tire wedding rings aren't made from typical materials like gold or silver. On the contrary, they're made with tough-as-nails materials like titanium and black zirconium for that nitty-gritty look and high-performance required of guys who don't mind getting dirty.

Pick out a titanium tire ring if you need a style that's scratch-resistant and prepped and ready for your tough lifestyle. Titanium has one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios of any material in the world, so they're feather-light and comfortable but incredibly strong, perfect for rocking behind the wheel. We've also got stylish black zirconium mud bogger rings for the gent who needs a super-strong ring with an added pop of contemporary style. No matter which style you choose, we use a special two-tone finishing process to add a greater sense of depth to each piece and to make the tire treads stand out.

Custom-Made Mud Bogger Rings

Own the off-road as you spray mud and push limits with a custom mud bogger ring made just for you from Titanium-Buzz. Most of our rings also offer personalized engraving for that special touch.

Have an idea for how we can get even dirtier? We want to hear about it! Give us a call or send us an email with your ideas for custom rings.

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