Ring Styles


The Architecture of the Perfect Ring

Our rings are built to last, so we deliver the design options to match. It's sort of like choosing a tattoo: Planning to wearing something for a lifetime only works if it's going to look as good decades from now as it does today. Here are a few things to consider when creating a style that will last as long as you do.

By the way… For the complete rundown on buying a ring for yourself or that special someone, sign your ass up for our online course, Ring Buying 101 (don't worry, there isn't a test at the end).



Rings are more than just circles that wrap around your finger; they are 3D works of art. How your ring extends outward affects the style as much as the design. Here are the five most common ring profiles.

  • Flat (flat across top) - It's what the name says. This is a straight, flat-surfaced ring. It keeps a low profile but isn't afraid to mix things up. Good for a clean, contemporary look. Think modern art.
  • Domed (rounded top shape) - Nothing too crazy here. This is what most people think of when they think of a traditional ring, and the reason people think that is because it's a look that works. Think classically masculine.
  • Beveled (flat center with a 45° edge) - A nice midpoint between domed and flat. You still get the clean lines and modern look of a flat profile ring but with the added depth and heft of a domed ring. Think cool and composed.
  • Concave (center dips inward) - A design for the daring. Concave or scooped rings completely invert the domed profile and go buzzing past contemporary and straight into the ultra-modern. Think bleeding-edge.
  • Grooved Edge (edge steps down from a flat or domed center) - The most elaborate profile style, grooved edge or step-down rings add tremendous depth and complexity to the overall shape. Think elegant and executive.

You'll find many more variations and combinations in your travels, but most will be based on one of these fundamentals. Profile is something you can have a lot of fun with, so don't be afraid to experiment.



It's called a "finish" because without it, your ring looks incomplete. The design and the material may be what makes your ring, but it's the finish that's going to get noticed first. Here are the top seven ring finishes in use today.

  • Sandblasted - Dusty. Wind-worn. If you prefer looks that come walkin' in off the high plains, then cowboy, this finish is for you. Adds texture and an unmistakable ruggedness to just about anything. We like this finish so much, we designed an entire collection based around it.
  • Stone - Like the walls of an ancient fortress, stone finishes look like they're made to withstand the test of time. If you like the idea of a ring that feels almost as much like, well, rock as it does like metal, then here you go.
  • Angle Satin - Want to give your ring an industrial edge without looking like it was hacked off an old machine? Then angled satin is the way to go. Energetic. Dynamic. A Titanium-Buzz favorite.
  • Satin - A classic finish that's always one of the most popular looks on offer, you can't beat the brushed metal appearance of a satin finish. If you want something a little different, but don't want to stray too far off the trail, then let satin be your guide.
  • Polish - The all-time champion. The finish so popular that it's a verb for making your ring look good. There's nothing wrong with a time-tested favorite, and this is the default option for many styles. Do the staff at Titanium-Buzz wear rings with polished finishes? You bet we do.
  • Cross Satin - Cool, classy, and completely unexpected. The cross satin finish evokes almost a sense of fabric or burlap, with the brushings running perpendicular to the circumference of the ring. You wanna roll like a CEO? Get this finish.
  • Beadblasted - The newest member of the finish family, beadblasted finishes come locked and loaded with a gunmetal texture that's straight off your favorite tool or piece of precision machinery. If you wanna roll like a badass, then roll with beadblasted.

Some rings work best with specific finishes, and in those cases, we've identified the recommended finish or set it as the default. That said, don't let us tell you what to do. Your ring. Your finish.

Styles & Inlays…


Oh man, oh man, oh man. This is where all the fun happens. We've spent years putting together the classiest, coolest, and craziest styles the world has ever seen, and they're all here for your shopping pleasure. Here are a few of our favorites (and if you want to learn more about achieving inner peace through ring shopping, here's our full guide).

  • Camo Rings - We invented this style (no, seriously, we did) and it remains our all-time most popular collection, with official camo patterns from Realtree and Mossy Oak. Hunters and outdoorsmen, these are for you. Experience them for yourself.
  • Antler Rings - If you think the first day of buck season should be an official holiday, then don't bother browsing the rest of our website. We have what you need right here. Even if you don't hunt, you can't beat the power and majesty of inlays crafted from real antler sheds.
  • Wood Inlay Rings - One of our most interesting collections, these rings are a fusion of two worlds where unstoppable metals meet some of the world's most exotic hardwoods. Elegant and colorful, these rings are worth checking out just to see them, even if you end up buying a different style.
  • Carbon Fiber Rings - If there was ever a material to break metal's hold over the substance-of-choice for men's jewelry, it would be carbon fiber. Breathtakingly lightweight but high impact and high intensity, nothing comes close to the crazy $#%! we've been doing in this exclusive collection.

Many of our rings come with classic stone settings like diamonds, but we also like to get exotic with black diamonds, sapphires, and many more, including some new mixed metal rings that are sleek as hell. We also know how to bring it with laser engraved and carved rings that are right now changing the very idea of what a wedding ring can be.

The fact is, we've got dozens of styles, tons of materials, and pretty much infinite combinations to choose from. Part of the excitement is figuring out what works for you, and we're here to help. To get started on creating your own customized ring, give us a call at 1-866-255-1861 or send us an email anytime.