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At Titanium-Buzz, material reigns supreme. We consider the process for choosing the metal in your wedding ring or band to be the second most important decision you will face with your ring, falling only slightly behind making sure you get the size right. The metal you select will be the skeleton, the foundation upon which every part of your ring will be built -- from its design, to its shape, to how it feels, to even its symbolism. Get it right, and you've got perfection -- your perfect ring is here.


Exotic Materials = Superior Rings

Our business was built on specializing in exotic materials for wedding rings that are superior in every way to more traditional metals. Whether you're a longtime fan of bleeding-edge jewelry or a novice looking for something that fits your personality, we're here to help you out, every step of the way. So, before you dive in and get lost in our extensive collection, here's a quick crash-course in some of our best wedding bands materials:

Titanium: King of Metals

Titanium isn't just in our name, it's our flagship metal and is what got us into jewelry. It's so lightweight, so durable, and so versatile, that no other metal really comes close to titanium's potential. There's nothing we can't do with this bright and silvery favorite, from classics that will still be popular centuries from now to cutting-edge designs that are years ahead of the curve. Trust us, once you go with titanium you never go back.

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Ready to see what we mean? Experience our full collection of titanium rings.

Cobalt Chrome: Metal of the Stars

The Earth is a pretty cool place, but there's a reason it orbits the Sun. The Sun is the brilliant center of our corner of space, the biggest, brightest, and most powerful object anywhere in our celestial neighborhood. What does that have to do with cobalt chrome? Only this: Cobalt chrome is so bright that it was originally named after the stars, and it's even stronger than titanium. Cobalt chrome rings are the brightest and most powerful objects in our metallic neighborhood.

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The stars are just the beginning. Get your sunglasses ready for our full collection of cobalt chrome rings.

Damascus Steel: Metal of Mystery

You've probably heard of Damascus steel, and almost everything you've heard probably isn't true. Legends of the power of Damascus steel have grown so great that the biggest mysteries surrounding it, like how it is supposedly indestructible, or the one about why knowledge of how to make it disappeared 250 years ago, sometimes overshadows the astonishing looks and styles born from this truly unique customer favorite. We will say this, though: Legends start for a reason.

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The power of this lost art can now be yours. Discover the truth of the legend in our collection of Damascus rings.

Black Zirconium: The Metal with the Shades

If you want something radically different that does not %#@$ around, then stop reading this and head on over to our full black zirconium rings collection right now. From ultimate classics to hardcore designs to satisfy your inner black metal rocker, nothing does it cooler than black zirconium. There are no gimmicks, no cheesy coatings, no delicate care instructions. They're tough as nails and they're the next wave in modern jewelry.

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You know what to do. If you want to see the full collection of black zirconium rings at Titanium-Buzz, click here to check 'em out.

Carbon Fiber: Unstoppable Anti-Metal

Its technical name is polyacrylonitrile. We just call it carbon fiber. It's the synthetic polymer that's so strong, so relentless, that we proudly put it right up alongside some of the strongest metals on Earth. It keeps planes in the air. It keeps cars on the road. It keeps going when everything else quits. It's a lightweight twill that is sleeker and more lustrous than anything else you will ever wear. We love combining CF with other metals, but we've got 100% carbon fiber rings in abundance as well. If you're looking for the wedding band equivalent of a finely tuned racecar, then a carbon fiber ring is for you.

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Want to capture the speed and energy of the world's most high-performance machines for yourself? Then get in on the carbon fiber revolution right now.

Custom and Special-Order Metals: No Limits, Not Ever

Whether you want to shop by a specific metal or see the whole collection, the one thing we don't believe in is putting limits on anything that we do. If there's a metal you love, and you don't see it here, or if you've got an idea for something custom, we can make it happen. Custom rings are what we do best.

Call us at 1-866-215-1861 or send us an email to discuss these or any of our products. We look forward to hearing from you.

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