Rings by Style

Here at Titanium-Buzz, we do not settle for what everyone else is doing. We do not try to fit in. We strive to be unique and fiercely independent, because if you're doing the same things as everyone else, then what's the point? If you're here reading this, you probably feel the same way we do, and that's why our mission is to help you find a ring that not only says "this is who I am," but also gives you a real sense of pride while you wear it.


Specialty Rings: Not Just for Weddings Anymore

Yeah, it's true we specialize in wedding bands and most of our customers are soon-to-be newlyweds, but many of them purchase a second ring to wear on their right hand if they cannot make up their mind. We're not saying that you have to, but we wouldn't judge you if you did.

Hand-Curated, Hand-Designed

In fact, making it hard for you to choose is the whole idea. We hand-select all of our designs and we never take the easy road when figuring out what makes the perfect ring. Long story short, TL;DR, the rings in our specialty collections are some of our favorites because they are what has made our company what it is today. We got into this business because we felt the jewelry industry had too many cheesy styles that didn't reflect who people are or what they want, and these rings are our answer.

Here's a quick rundown of our favorite collections:

Celtic Knot Rings: Art for the Ages

One of the most popular collections at Titanium-Buzz, our celebrated selection of Celtic knot rings takes one of the world's oldest art forms and introduces it to the raw power of titanium. It's a match the ancient Celts would have appreciated, and you'll find some of our favorite titanium ring inlays here.

Journey back in time with us to see the future of jewelry. Experience the power of Celtic knot rings.

Country & Western Rings: More a State of Mind

There's nothing else in the world like the endless vistas and sense of boundless adventure that you get from the American West, and that spirit infuses every item in our growing collection of Country & Western Rings. Get ready for big hearts and bold designs.

Let's hit the trail and give a listen to the full collection of Country & Western Rings playing now at Titanium-Buzz.

The Elite Series: This Is How You Set Yourself Apart

The Elite Series is more than a collection of rings and wedding bands. It's about our designers digging deep and pouring everything they have into one of the most exclusive collections of jewelry ever assembled. These are fan-favorite designs turned up to 11, and if you're looking for something that completely shatters conventional trends, then get ready to break some barriers. It's not just about being different, it's about elevating the rings we wear into true pieces of art.

Want to visit a place where there is no such thing as the everyday? You're one click from The Elite Series.

Hammered Rings: Feel the Hammer

Get the blood pumping when you forget everything you know about jewelry and immerse yourself in our popular collection of high-energy hammered wedding rings. Featuring bands made from titanium, cobalt chrome, black zirconium, and more, each ring completely ignores tradition and comes out of the gate with uneven surfaces and textures that you need to touch as much as you need to see. Not for the faint of heart.

Nothing else can take this kind of pounding and look even better than it did before. See for yourself in our complete selection of hammered rings.

Laser Engraved Rings: Limitless Possibilities

There's a place in time called the Future, and you can visit it now by clicking on over to our full selection of laser engraved rings. Unbelievable detail. Astounding precision. Our laser engravers will turn the surface of your ring into a canvas for some artistic designs like you've never seen before. Be prepared to have your mind blown.

Leave the past behind. Step boldly in to the future. Take a journey with the artistic mastery of our laser engraved rings.

Meteorite Rings: Own a Literal Piece of Space

Every ring tells a story. The story of our meteorite rings is as old as the solar system. Each wedding ring in this exclusive collection includes a real piece of an actual 4-billion-year-old meteorite that crashed thousands of years ago, but that's only part of the story. We also added some of our favorite design flourishes to showcase these remarkable artifacts.

The Final Frontier is here. Start exploring the expanded line of meteorite rings at Titanium-Buzz.

Mokume Gane: The Work of Masters

Mokume gane. In English it translates roughly into "wood-grained metal." It's metal folded so finely, so beautifully, that the only thing it can compare to is the grain patterns of wood. For over 400 years mokume gane has been stunning and mystifying those lucky enough to experience objects made with the technique, and now this master-level art form can be yours.

Come with us to see the place where science meets art. See the grain of the mokume gane rings at Titanium-Buzz.

Sports Wedding Rings: Time to Play Ball

Get ready to wrap your head around some of the most original sports designs to ever end up on someone's finger. This is where we take off the gloves and show you what we can really do when our designers unleash their imaginations. If baseball, golf, or any of the major sports are your passion, then these rings are here for you.

Game on! Get started with our complete selection of sports wedding rings.

Tire Tread Rings: Never Wears Out

For those of us who love their machines, our tire tread rings put you behind the wheel of some of the most badass designs we've ever put together. Precision carved to recreate the tread patterns on our favorite wheels, this extreme collection is the perfect fusion of torque, speed, power, and quality. Gentlemen, start your engines.

Ride extreme with the unstoppable selections of our bestselling tire tread rings.

Unique Titanium Rings: Expect the Unexpected

Why do rings look the way they do? Who decides what's popular and what isn't? If you've ever asked yourself those questions, then come with us and check out some of the slickest designs to hit the market in years. New shapes, artistic inlays, cool personalization: The bestsellers of tomorrow can be found here right now.

If you reject the idea that you need to look exactly like everyone else, then the rings you are looking for are right here.

Style Doesn't Stop, And Neither Do We

We work really, really, really hard on coming up with unique styles and design options for our customers, but even with all of that effort we prefer to think of our ring collections as suggestions. If you want to mix and match some of these designs, or if you have an idea for a wedding ring that's all your own, we can help you make it a reality. We don't just offer custom designs -- in a lot of ways, we think custom designs are what we do best.

If you have any questions or want to get to work on a custom ring, give us a call at 1-866-215-1861 or send us an email. We can't wait to work with you.

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