Rose Gold Twist Shakudo Ring

Rose Gold Twist Shakudo Ring

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Mokume Gane
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Get this Rose Gold Twist Shakudo Ring for a remarkable combination of alloys unlike anything you've ever seen! This singular example of Shakudo jewelry features a classic dome profile that is split down the center by a rose gold and Shakudo inlay made using the ancient Mokume Gane welding technique. The metals are twisted, folded, and re-forged to create the wood-like appearance and handsome stripes you see here. The Shakudo (copper and gold alloy) has also been darkened by oxidizing agents to give a rich contrast to complement the rose gold. A mix of traditions to create something completely new, each these Mokume Gane rings can serve as a unique Japanese wedding ring or as an elegant accent for everyday wear. Custom crafted, just for you! There are many ways to complete this ring, and though we're fans of the 7mm width and polished finish shown here, the choice is entirely yours and each ring is custom produced for each of our clients. First, please select a size for your ring. All standard sizes between 4 and 12.5 are available. Next, select a width -- select between 5mm and 9mm. Last, choose from a polished or brushed finish. You can also have up to 25 characters of any text inscribed on the inside of the band at no charge! About This Design:
Mokume Gane is an art form descended from a time when members of the Samurai class still served the feudal warlords who once ruled Japan. Originally used to make fittings for katana blades and ornamental swords intended for the ruling elite, it's a traditional style of metalworking that requires surpassing skill, control, and timing. For hundreds of years the method was understood by only a few, and it was mastered by even fewer. To create the Shakudo jewelry at Titanium-Buzz, we've employed some of the best artisans in the field to bring the power, elegance, and history of Mokume Gane into the inlays of each of our rings! The style, energy, and history is simply irresistible! Find more pieces by our artists in our full collection of Mokume Gane Rings!

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