Rustbelt Copper Rings

For those who love to push the limits, we created the new Rustbelt Line just for you. These are copper rings and copper wedding bands that are infused with some of our all-time favorite materials like titanium, black zirconium, and cobalt chrome to create edgy, industrial looks that come straight out of the real American Rustbelt. If you've ever looked at an old factory and felt a connection, saw something in the metal and grit that you knew was beautiful, then these rings are your rings.


Straight Outta Michigan

Titanium-Buzz is located in the industrial heart of Michigan and our roots have always been with the blue collar workers who helped build America. When you think of the Rustbelt you may think of cities like Detroit, Cleveland, Buffalo, and Pittsburgh, but for us the Rustbelt is more than a region, it's a set of values. The people who share those values have one thing in common: A love for quality over quantity, of authenticity over showiness. It's a belief that's been sustained throughout the years by the men and women who made America what it is today, and it's a belief we hold onto at Titanium-Buzz.

If your love story began right here in the Rustbelt, then you’ll adore our awesome assortment of Rustbelt copper wedding rings. These women’s and men’s copper rings are all about showcasing your down-to-earth, rust-loving sense of style with time-honored textures and industrial-inspired inlays that celebrate your favorite place. Check out this Copper & Titanium Men’s Wedding Band featuring a rock-and-roll sensibility, to see what we mean. You can even have your copper wedding band engraved to make it even more custom to you and to celebrate your special kind of oxidized romance.

More Than a Copper Ring: Raw Beauty

The real Rustbelt is about embracing the raw and rugged beauty of everyday life while finding new ways to give it meaning, and that's prompted us to design the styles that you see here. These rings all have inlays of copper running through them, but in each case we gave them more life with various treatments, finishes, or etching. The copper has that sort of rusted timelessness you see in a proud piece of iron machinery or in an elegant antique, something that maybe not everyone will appreciate, but something that's all the more special for the ones who do.

We also did something a little different this time by giving up control: each ring in this collection has a look and feel that is distinct from the next, with treatment and oxidization effects that are completely random. Each of these rings truly take on lives of their own, and over time a different patina will settle on yours.

So as they say in the Rustbelt, it's time to get to work. Pick your style and see for yourself how the Industrial Revolution is only just beginning.

Keep the conversation going! If you have any questions or comments on these rings, or would like to see your own custom design, look us up on Facebook or send us an email. We'd love to hear from you.

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