Men's Laser-Carved Titanium Rustic Duck Hunting Wedding Band

Men's Laser-Carved Titanium Rustic Duck Hunting Wedding Band

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Vintage look, timeless quality.

There was a time when duck bands were hand stamped by dedicated waterfowl lovers and biologists. These were folks who truly understood hunting and the outdoors, and who also understood that the best way to enjoy nature was to help preserve it. A piece of that history comes back to the present with the unique style of this Rustic Duck Hunting Wedding Band.

We took a more natural approach to this most recent entry into the duck band series, and it's one that any outdoorsman who loves tradition will appreciate. We configured our laser engraving system to replicate the rugged, rawer look of some early duck bands, so yes, the letters are supposed to look like that. Each of these duck hunting bands is built from titanium and features a flat profile, just like a real one.

These rings are also fully customized, which means we'll be happy to engrave anything you want into the metal. People love the "BANDED TOGETHER" concept shown here, and 99% of the time, that's what they choose, but the final message is entirely up to you. Each letter is laser engraved to "stamp" the metal, while the pattern is applied somewhat randomly to create an authentic, rustic effect. In order to fit all the text on this ring, we are only offering it at a 10mm width at this time.

This ring is available in your choice of a high polish or satin finish. 

About This Design

One thing to watch for: Wider rings tend to fit a little more tightly than narrower rings. What does this mean for you? It means that it's a very good idea to have accurate measurements of your finger size prior to placing your order. For more information on how to approach ring sizing (and other facts you'll want to know about your fingers), check out this handy article on the subject.


At Titanium-Buzz, you are the Duck Commander. See additional styles of duck band rings for men in our full collection.

  • Made in the USA
  • Made out of lightweight and durable titanium
  • Flat profile
  • Fully customizable engraving

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