Sandblasted Titanium Rings

It's time for the New Era of Titanium. This is the time when you will not settle for simple, when you will not accept something out of the box. No, this is the time when you demand something fresh, something stylish, something where every detail was adjusted specifically for you. We have heard your demands, and on the desert winds comes our latest entry: The completely customized Sandblasted Titanium Rings Collection.


Texture Is King

This is the collection where texture reigns supreme, where every ring has a level of depth, dimension, and ruggedness that you've never seen before. This is where we redefine how metal can be worked and where old ideas and traditions get blown away. The New Era of Titanium starts here.

How We Sandblast These Rings

We start the process by using a bar of lightweight aerospace-grade titanium. It's every bit as sleek and brilliant as you're picturing. We shape the titanium into the exact size, profile, and width that you specify, and then add a relaxed comfort fit for maximum... well, comfort. But from there things get a little rough. After shaping the ring we subject it to an intense sandblasting process (technically they're thousands of incredibly tiny beads) that relentlessly grinds at the metal until the surface is a uniform matte gray-silver with an amazing texture.

The scale of the sandblasting process is so small and titanium is so tough that, in spite of how violent it is, the process causes no damage to the outside of the ring (and if you notice, the interior of each ring is as sleek and smooth as ever). Our Sandblasted Rings have the same track record of reliable durability as all of the other products we offer.

The Profile Is Key

Not to overdo the desert metaphor, but when you have texture that's as unique and sandy as the rings in this collection, you quickly discover that the ring's profile is the key to the design. Shape matters, and that's why you'll find some uncommon shapes like this Beveled Edge Ribbed Titanium Sandblasted Ring, with ridges running the band's circumference like a sea of sand dunes. We also experimented with different balances and centers, which is how we came up with the very cool Offset Grooved Sandblasted Ring.

Texture That Defies Tradition

The unique textures of these rings also encouraged us to try combinations of finishes, which is how you get the striking contrasts of the Double Step Down Titanium Sandblasted Ring, where the rough matte finish meets the full brilliance of polished titanium. All of these designs were hand-selected by our design team to not only accent unique shapes and textures but to also provide the ultimate jewelry for everyday wear. So, if it needs to be special, and it needs to be a bit different, then welcome to the New Era of Titanium.

Have something specific in mind that you didn't see here? No problem. We got our start producing custom designs, and we aren't ever going to stop. Give us a call or send us an email and let us know what you need. We can help you out.

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