Satin Finish Titanium Footprints Ring

Satin Finish Titanium Footprints Ring

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Walk a mile in your ring's shoes. You know that life is a journey you take one step at a time, and so do we. That's why we're now offering this quirky Satin Finish Titanium Footprints Ring! It's different, it's neat, and its message is unmistakable: In the end there are only the places where our own feet take us. Each of these rings is a flat profile titanium band. Each of the footprints have been carefully engraved and darkened to create fossil-like impressions in the surface that will last as long as the ring does (which is longer than you). The soft satin finish shown here adds a nice burnish to this totally unique selection. "That was when we carried you." Wondering why there's only one set of footprints? Come with us to see where all the other patterns we offer went!

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