Tension Set Rings

You've seen it before: A ring with a diamond or stone so deeply inset that two-thirds of it isn't even visible. But what's the point of having a stone in your ring if you can't admire its full beauty? If that's a question you've ever asked yourself, then it's time to consider a tension set ring. Nothing else showcases diamonds and precious stones like these rings do, with every shimmering facet fully exposed and glittering.


Superior Sophistication, Fun Presentation

Our titanium tension set rings use the inherent strength of titanium to secure your stone while putting it on full display, with light touching and reflecting from every angle, every facet, until the stone appears to be floating. These rings provide superior elegance and superior sophistication in a fun, modern setting that celebrates the best qualities of our favorite metals and materials for wedding rings.

The Breathless Design of Our Tension Set Rings

There is such a heady and breathless feeling that comes with seeing a ring's stone fully exposed, an almost dizzying sense that the stone could take off and fly away. But as high-flying and daring as these engagement bands appear, they're as safe as houses and are a ready match for more traditional settings.

For example, take a closer look at our Fusion Titanium Tension Set Ring. Cunningly carved invisible notches in the two "prongs" of the ring secure and balance the stone, while the titanium holds it in place. The tensile strength of titanium is far, far greater than that of other metals, meaning this ring's stone is actually more secure than in a traditional ring with a standard setting.

Choose a Stone or Provide Your Own

We source a range of diamonds, cubic zirconia stones, and exotic gems that we can set in these rings, but we also accept customer-provided stones. If you have a stone from an older ring, an heirloom, or are just looking to update, we can work with you to create a setting unlike anything your stone has had before.

For almost any stone, these bands make beautiful wedding rings, anniversary rings, special occasion rings, or can be simply a stunning accessory to your everyday wear. No matter the reason for your ring, these are some of the most unique products we offer and we are excited to bring you this new and exclusive collection.

Here at Titanium-Buzz, we strive to offer rings made with unmatched style and charm. Our titanium tension set rings are handcrafted by skilled artisans who are driven to deliver unique, customized selections of unrivaled beauty.

If you haven't found what you're looking for, please call one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service experts at 1-866-215-1861 or send us an email to ask about how we can help you custom design your own ring.

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