Men's Titanium Black Barbed Wire Band

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Flat Grooved Edge, Comfort Fit Band
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Tell adversity where to stick it.

Sometimes when a challenge stares you in the face, you've got to go big or shut up and go home. For those of you who have gone big, we honor you with the razor-edged intensity of the unique Titanium Barbed Wire Band. If you're someone who's looked adversity in the eye without blinking, then take a closer look at this latest Titanium-Buzz exclusive.

This design isn't afraid to stir up trouble, and there are a lot of little details that really dial up the energy on this masterpiece. First, the base. Like so many of our custom rings, this one is crafted from grade-A titanium, a lightweight-yet-unstoppable metal that feels as good to wear as it looks. The flat center is framed by two grooved edges that have been carefully polished to help it stand out. And that band of barbwire that just seems to pop out of the silver color ring? That effect is accomplished using a special black enamel finish.

Life may constantly seek to test us, but ordering this ring is easy. It measures 8mm wide but is available in just about any size no matter how small or thick your fingers happen to be. The center features a satin polish for a nice finish, while the inside profile of the ring includes optional engraving.

Forget about the ladies? Are you #@$%ing kidding? Don't forget to check out the matching women's version of this ring.

  • Custom Made in the USA
  • Titanium
  • 8 mm width
  • Free Shipping in the US

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