Women's Laser-Carved Titanium Classic Cowgirl Wedding Ring

Women's Laser-Carved Titanium Classic Cowgirl Wedding Ring

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Cowgirl up.

Have what we like to call a "country attitude" towards life? Well, we certainly do around here, and that's what we had in mind when we designed the Titanium Classic Cowgirl Wedding Ring. No matter where you go, if you find that your heart is off somewhere on horseback running wild and free after a hard day of work at the stable, then these country girl wedding rings are gonna be a good choice for you.

Here's what this wedding ring is all about: We started with a flat profile titanium band that's sleek, lightweight, and almost unstoppable. Then, we came up with hand-drawn artwork that mixes country elements like horseshoes, leather stitching, and bandana paisley to create a unique, rustically vintage feel. Next, we fed the art into our high-intensity laser engraving system to carve it directly into the metal. The dark areas you see on the ring's surface are the points where the laser etched the titanium. And finally, we finished it all off with a satin polish.

The amount of detail and the depth of the art is really incredible, but what we love best is that as crazily elaborate as this ring is, it doesn't overpower the design and won't be out of place on your wedding day, or any other time. It looks fairly simple from afar, but get in close and you can really appreciate all the time and thought that has gone into it. What do you say, pardner? You ready to cowgirl up?

If the answer is yes, then we will custom produce one of these rings just for you. What's that? Nope, we mass-produce nothing. Your custom country ring is available in all whole and half sizes, and even some pesky quarter sizes (just ask us). This ring also comes loaded wit personalized engraving (small fee applies)  on the inside of the band as well as free ground shipping to anywhere in the US.

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  • Customize to your liking
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