Men's Titanium Lug Nut Ring

Men's Titanium Lug Nut Ring

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For real truck nuts.

One day we were coming up with ideas for some new, hard-hitting rings when it hit us: We needed some inspiration from our favorite trucks. What resulted was this Lug Nut Ring. That's right, they're not just for wheels anymore.

So how did we design this ring? Well, to make the idea come to life we knew we had to work with titanium. It's lightweight, incredibly durable, good for carving, and looks great with a ton of different finishes. We gave the ring a flat profile because the natural curve of the band already gives it a sort of wheel-like quality. Then we very carefully carved out six lug nuts so they're raised from the surface of the ring. For the final step, we beadblasted the metal to darken it and to give it more texture, but then we polished the top of each lug nut to the metal's full brilliance to help it stand out.

We build all of our rings from scratch. Believe it. This enables us to forge them in all whole or half sizes for each customer (and we'll even do weird quarter sizes, too, if you ask us). 

Drive fast and get back to the garage in the new collection of gear head rings from Titanium-Buzz.

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