Men's Cobalt Chrome Prime Time Ring

Men's Cobalt Chrome Prime Time Ring

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Cobalt Chrome
Made in USA:


Welcome to the main event.

The Prime Time Cobalt Men's Ring isn't cool, it's who cool calls when it needs style advice. This incredible ring pulls out all the stops and combines superior metalworking with a spectacular assortment of diamonds and sapphires to create the look of a lifetime.

The cobalt chrome that comprises these men's rings is the perfect stage for this kind of design. The beveled edges are finely polished to bring out the full illuminating brilliance of the metal, while the flat profile center features a satin finish for a somewhat softer sheen. Crisscrossing the surface are shallow grooves that create the signature essence of this style.

And then there are the stones. Like a cerulean heart, a wide 3mm / 17pt sapphire dominates the center of the ring and is framed by two 2.5mm / 10pt diamonds. Flanking the diamonds are two smaller 2mm / 6pt sapphires. The result is a ladder of ever-increasing stones that creates a rising effect even though the stones are set flush with the metal.

About this design:

Due to the labor and materials involved in the creation of this ring, it is critical that you choose the correct size. Please refer to our handy ring sizing guide for more information. If you have additional questions about sizing, please email us or call us at (866) 215-1861.

The look of these cobalt men's wedding bands is truly original, but thanks to the nature of this style, we can only offer this ring at the 8mm width shown here -- trust it us, it's the best size for this one. However, we do offer this ring in all standard finger sizes as well as custom sizes for anyone size 16 and up.

The big show continues when the best of the best gather and fight for their right to be included in the exclusive Elite Series of rings from

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