3 Steps to Finding Unique Men's Wedding Bands

The time has come to find your ring but you have no clue what you're doing and what you’re looking for just yet. Don’t worry, It's totally ok… you’re not alone in all of this. Most guys don’t dream about that ring they’ll wear and they don’t give it a thought until the pressure is on. That’s why it’s best to take a more tactical approach and look around a bit to make sure you find what you like. You already know you can jump online and get a quick and simple band or go to your local jewelry store and grab something that’s just like your buddy’s ring. But if you want to find something unique and different then you have to do a bit more work. Here are three steps to finding a unique men’s wedding band.

First,make sure you understand what metal or material you want. This is by far the best thing you can do for yourself when it comes to ring shopping. The material will set the tone for the rest of the search and you’ll have to be confident in the metal you are picking. You don’t have to settle for gold or tungsten anymore, there are literally tons of materials being used in rings and they can be very exotic such as carbon fiber, hardwood or even meteorite. The metal should be something that interests you or feels good when it’s on your finger. Some of the upcoming metals that are entering the space are carbon fiber, damascus steel, superconductor, and tantalum.

Next, you’ll want to look at your personality and some hobbies you like because this may lend itself to a specific ring style you would be interested in. Are you into motorsports? What about sports? Or even hunting and the outdoors… If you answer yes to any of these then you’re one step closer to finding a ring that fits your image or personality because there are so many niches in the marketplace. Most of the time rings will be available online by a retailer that is more geared towards men’s rings. They feature so many ring styles that guys are often blown away and overwhelmed by the choices.

The final step is to look around and do some searches online to see if your ring exists. If it doesn't then there are many companies that are willing to produce a custom ring just for you. If your soon to be wife has a custom ring why can’t you? Finding a unique ring can be complicated for some but often times you can mix and match a profile or color of a ring with another style to blend them together. In a custom ring process you can control so many factors of the ring that you’re really designing something special for yourself. It can be fun and exciting watching it call come together.

Just remember this is an exciting time for both of you and you need to embrace it! Give yourself choices and don’t settle for something simple. There are rings out there that will resonate with you. Good luck and happy searching.