4 Things to Look for When Buying Wedding Rings for Active Lifestyles

Life is full of choices and as you start your pathway you are put into situations quickly and the decision-making process can be all over the place. Purchasing your first car or home is a huge deal and getting married falls right in line with the same decisions. You need to do a bit of homework and learn what might work for you in all these instances and shopping for a wedding ring is no different. Oftentimes we see guys that settle for a wedding ring to just be done with it but if you’re given some easy tips and try some stuff on you will more inclined to actually wear the ring. Trust me when I say that is the biggest thing to remember here… Your significant other just wants you to wear the ring! If you have an active lifestyle it becomes easy to tell people you will not wear a ring but that doesn't have to be the case. Here are 4 quick tips to look for when buying a wedding ring for someone that has an active lifestyle.

  1. Find out the warranty! Does this company back what they sell? Do they do a good job of explaining the warranty and giving you feedback on what you are buying and matching it to your lifestyle? Make sure if the ring does have issues you can get it repaired or replaced if needed.
  2. Find a material that fits your “LIFE” style… Is it lightweight? How durable is it? How long will it last? Ask these questions.
  3. Go with a matte/satin or even a worn finish- This will help cover up the excess wear and tear and looks cool when you buy it.
  4. Stay away from soft metals like silver, white gold or anything that can bend over time. That’s the main thing with having issues with a wedding ring over time. If it changes its shape it will be uncomfortable to wear.

That’s it! It’s simple when you think about it. You just need a bit of help to figure out what you will like and then the rest is simple. Wear the ring daily and see what happens. It isn't that scary and people are not losing their fingers every day! Trust me.