Best place to buy engagement ring: pros and cons of buying online

Looking for the best place to buy an engagement ring and can’t decide whether you should go to a brick-and-mortar store and see the ring in person or you’d better buy an engagement ring online? Both options have their pros and cons but the number of people who prefer engagement ring online shopping is increasing, especially when they are looking for unique items which cannot be found in their local area. Keep reading to learn about the advantages of using the internet for engagement ring shopping. We will also give you some useful tips on how to buy an engagement ring online. You will find answers to the most common questions that people ask when shopping for engagement rings online.

Where to Buy Engagement Ring

With plenty of options available today, it can be rather difficult to decide where to buy engagement ring. We all shop freely online for books, clothes, and flights, but when it comes to buying online engagement rings that are important, expensive, and special, we tend to be a lot more wary. But online shopping is entirely transparent these days and the level of quality you get there is the same as you expect from the offline jewelry stores.

4 Reasons Why You Should Buy Engagement Rings Online

Online jewelry retailers use cutting-edge technologies to make engagement ring shopping a completely painless, transparent, and affordable experience for both the groom and the bride. Here are the reasons why an online store can be the best place to buy engagement ring.

  • It’s easier and safer than ever to make purchases online. You can search for jewelry from the comfort of your own home and choose an engagement ring without an influence of a salesperson who may persuade you into buying an over-your-budget item.
  • You can explore different websites and not just a few stores in your local area. In brick-and-mortar jewelry stores, the inventory is limited by space, costs, and security concerns but you will have an endless variety of choices when shopping for wedding or engagement rings online.
  • Visiting many offline stores to find the perfect engagement ring can be stressful, expensive, and time-consuming for you and your future spouse. Online shopping is a better option because you will be able to buy a ring of your choice just using your smartphone.
  • When buying an engagement or wedding ring online, you can focus on quality and have enough time to check the product details as well as compare prices on different websites.

Is It Safe to Buy Engagement Ring Online?

Absolutely, as long as you work with a reputable online jeweler. But, of course, you should be cautious while searching. Buying any ring is an important decision so you should deal with a trusted online jewelry retailer with a strong reputation. How can you tell if a jewelry store is reputable? It’s easy.

  • Find out how many years they have been in business.
  • Recommendations from your friends and colleagues are also preferable.
  • Look for websites that sell rings with a lifetime warranty and guarantee free shipping.
  • If you decide to shop, you should definitely check out their return policy.
  • When it comes to diamond rings, you should also look for certification.

Engagement Ring Shopping Tips to Help You Find the Perfect Style

Buying engagement rings online can be a daunting task and for a good reason. After all, you don’t want to get it wrong if your partner is meant to wear the ring for the rest of her life. An engagement ring is a sentimental item so you need to make sure that you’ll get exactly what you pay for. Selecting the style of an engagement ring may be the hardest part of the buying process. Before you embark on your quest to find the perfect ring, here are our top tips on how to shop for engagement rings.

  • Talk to your partner to find out what styles and settings she prefers and try to get as much information as you can. Today, it’s quite normal for couples to buy online engagement rings together but if you prefer to surprise your partner with a gorgeous ring she will love, be ready to do some detective work. You can ask your partner’s best friend or sibling to help you but if you decide to keep it secret, pay attention to the style of jewelry she already wears. An engagement ring is a significant purchase so you should make sure you understand your partner’s expectations. If you have doubts, you’d better choose a classic setting.
  • When choosing a diamond, you need to take into account 4Cs that determine its quality and costs: color, cut, clarity, and carat weight. Cut is the most important factor because it determines how a diamond retracts and reflects light and gives it its sparkle. But the price of a diamond is determined by all 4Cs.
  • Choose the diamond shape according to your girlfriend’s preferences. The diamond shape is very important because it defines the overall look of the engagement ring. Round diamonds are classic and the most popular option. They are the most sparkly of all the shapes and cost more. Other popular shapes for diamonds are princess, oval, radiant, emerald, and Asscher. Princess shape makes the stone look larger and emerald shape showcases excellent clarity.
  • Setting is the way in which a stone is placed on the ring (e.g. solitaire, bezel, pave, channel etc.) Solitaire is a classic and timeless style but you can enhance it by positioning stone in different ways. You should choose a distinctive setting for your engagement ring and think about the right combination of shape and setting. For example, a trendy oval stone will look more traditional in a four-prong setting. If you like, you can create a combination of different settings.
  • You can choose from a variety of metals which vary in strength, grade, color, and price and the most popular options are white gold, yellow gold, and platinum. Alternative metals such as titanium, zirconium, and cobalt chrome are also gaining popularity for their durability. At Titanium Buzz, you can find a lot of unique engagement rings made of alternative metals that look beautiful and are a lot less expensive.

How to Buy an Engagement Ring: Budget

Wondering how much you should spend on an engagement ring? Forget that old myth about two months’ or three months’ salary. There is nothing romantic about going into debt. Your budget should be your personal decision and you should take into account your income and financial priorities. Buy a nice ring to show your future wife how much you love her but don’t spend more than you can afford. In fact, it’s not the amount of money you spend on a ring that really matters.

Most women would want a traditional diamond ring but still, not all of them. Diamonds have been associated with engagement rings for more than a hundred years and they cost a lot not because they are rare or special but due to the control of supply and demand. And they are not the only option. Today, many couples are looking for affordable alternatives to diamond engagement rings. There are plenty of beautiful budget-friendly options:

  • Knot rings have simple designs that symbolize the infinity and the eternal love.
  • Moissanite and cubic zirconia rings are a price-conscious option and many of them look like “real” diamond rings.
  • Meaningful gemstones such as sapphire, opals or rubies can be placed in any ring setting.
  • The Claddagh is a great option for people with Irish heritage.

When choosing a ring that fits your budget and your partner’s personality and lifestyle, you will get a unique piece of jewelry that will make your future wife happy for years to come.

How to Find the Best Place to Buy Engagement Ring

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