Mens wedding bands material: how to choose the best one

It’s not easy to find the perfect wedding ring that will express your character and style. You need to find your size, determine what is comfortable for you, and decide what your perfect band will actually look like, starting with the material. Choosing your ring metal from numerous mens wedding bands materials available today is very important because it will influence the way your ring looks as well as your band’s price, maintenance, and care.

Mens Wedding Bands Materials

Gold, silver, titanium, steel, zirconium, tungsten, cobalt etc. – there are a lot of options you can choose from when it comes to wedding bands metals so you may feel at a loss. The best way is to learn about different materials that are used to make wedding bands so that you could make an informed decision which metal is right for your lifestyle. In this article, we will compare different mens wedding bands materials and provide you with the necessary information about each option to help you decide which material is right for you.

White Gold vs Yellow Gold

Gold is a fantastic choice for wedding and engagement jewelry, especially for women. Pure gold (24 karat) is too soft for jewelry and can be easily damaged so it is mixed with other metals such as copper, silver, nickel, zinc, and palladium to make it stronger, more durable, and keep its shape. Let’s take a closer look at different types of gold and compare white gold vs yellow gold that are the most popular choices and are both beautiful in their own way.

Yellow gold used for rings is a combination of pure gold mixed with silver, zinc, and copper which give the alloy a beautiful golden hue and help jewelry stand up against the demands of everyday wear. The alloy mixture for white gold includes such metals like zinc, palladium, platinum, and nickel. In order to get a white appearance, rings made of white gold undergo a rhodium plating process which gives the finished piece a shiny, lustrous coating.

Rings made of yellow gold can be resized, require less maintenance, and are easy to work with during repairs but they are prone to scratches. Rings made of white gold have a cool and contemporary look; they are protected from wear and tear by rhodium coating but they require more maintenance like cleaning, polishing, and periodical rhodium plating every few years.

Titanium vs Steel

Titanium and stainless steel are two traditional metals that are often used to make wedding bands for men and women. When we compare titanium vs steel, we see that both these metals have their unique set of strengths and qualities.

Titanium is three times stronger than stainless steel that means its lifespan is longer. And it is much stronger than gold, silver, and platinum. Besides, it is lightweight and comfortable so it’s perfect for men who live active outdoorsy lifestyles. But titanium can scratch and requires routine polishing to look good and new. Although stainless steel is scratch resistant, it can rust when exposed to contact with water, sweat, and high humidity on the ongoing basis. But it can be polished to maintain the luster. Titanium is denser than stainless steel so it is typically more expensive. The only downside of these metals is that rings made of them cannot be resized.

Stainless steel is a great choice, if you would like to have a strong ring without breaking the bank. Titanium rings are also affordable; they often feature unique inlays and other beautiful details, look modern and trendy, and will remain in style for generations. They make the perfect choice for athletes and adventurers.

Stainless Steel vs Silver

Silver is the most affordable of the precious metals. Pure silver is a soft metal so it can’t be used for making jewelry. Instead, sterling silver is used for making jewels of various designs. Sterling silver is a mixture of pure silver with copper and other metals which make it more durable. When we compare stainless steel vs silver, we must admit that both metals look almost identical but in fact, they differ a lot. Sterling silver is less scratch resistant and less durable than steel and it tarnishes if not properly cared for. Stainless steel doesn’t tarnish but it has a less shiny appearance. Stainless steel is also more affordable than silver and using an array of beautiful finishes, stainless steel jewelry can be made to resemble sterling silver or white gold.

Damascus Steel vs Carbon Steel

Today, Damascus steel is made by forging together iron and steel or steel alloys with different levels of carbon content. This method is called pattern-welding and is used for making knives and rings that feature unique beautiful, wavy patterns due to the contrast between different steel types. If we compare Damascus steel vs carbon steel, we must admit that carbon steel can be used for making jewelry but it’s not good for modern market expectations because it has one disadvantage – its reaction to environment. It needs an addition of such elements like nickel or chromium to be resistant to environmental effects. These alloys are called stainless steels. Being tough and durable, Damascus steel rings can be the perfect alternative to traditional men’s wedding bands for those who work with their hands or lead active lifestyles.

Tungsten vs Titanium

Tungsten (also known as tungsten carbide) is a popular contemporary metal used in men’s wedding bands. Pure tungsten can’t be used for making jewelry because it’s too brittle and difficult to work with. So it is mixed with carbon, cobalt, and nickel for durability. When it comes to comparing tungsten vs titanium, the two metals have a few similarities but are very different. Tungsten is four times harder than titanium and much heavier. Tungsten has the highest melting point of all metals. Besides, it is the most scratch-resistant metal used for wedding bands. Both tungsten and titanium are very affordable metals and the price of jewelry is determined by craftsmanship, design, and quality. But, generally, titanium is less expensive because it is easier for jewelers to work with. Tungsten is a perfect metal for those who want a modern and non-traditional wedding ring. Tungsten rings look stylish and can last forever so they are good for athletes and those who love the outdoors.

Titanium vs Carbon Fiber

Now let’s compare titanium vs carbon fiber which is not a metal but a combination of several thin fibers bounded and twisted together and woven into fabric. Carbon which has the chemical symbol of “C” is the basic building element of our universe. Being a symbol of cutting-edge tech, carbon fiber combines strength and lightweight. Actually, it is three times lighter than titanium. Carbon fiber is durable and hypoallergenic.

Carbon fiber is popular as an insert material for inlaid rings made of tungsten, zirconium, and titanium. Rings made of carbon fiber are relatively easy to maintain – they can be washed with water and non-abrasive soap. Carbon fiber rings from Titanium Buzz come in a variety of styles with leather-like textures, colored inlays, stitched patterns, and more.

Zirconium and Cobalt

Zirconium is as strong as tungsten and titanium. It is also corrosion-resistant and is harder than stainless steel or silver. We offer zirconium rings made by oxidizing zirconium to produce a black coating of zirconium oxide. They come in dozens of designs and are perfect for jewelry lovers with active lifestyles.

Cobalt which is also known as cobalt chrome has become a very popular alternative metal in jewelry. Cobalt is a white bright metal that looks like platinum or white gold but it is much stronger and comes at great price. It is harder than titanium but not as hard as tungsten. It is similar in weight to gold. Cobalt is also durable, corrosion-resistant, highly scratch-resistant, and hypoallergenic. Cobalt rings are comfortable and make a great choice for everyday wear because they can maintain their appearance even with rough wear.

Strong Metals for Wedding Bands: How to Choose the Best One

As you see, when it comes to choosing the best material for men’s wedding bands, the options are numerous. They include traditional precious metals and alternative strong metals for wedding bands. So should you opt for a wedding ring made of precious metals or consider choosing an alternative, more contemporary metal? What is the best material for men’s wedding bands? There isn’t any right or wrong answer here. It depends on your preferences, taste, and your individual style. Remember that all mens wedding bands materials have their own amazing attributes and appeal. All metals can create the ideal ring. So when you are thinking about the best design and metal for your band, you need to consider your personality and lifestyle. At Titanium Buzz, we offer a wide variety of unique men’s wedding rings that can last a lifetime at the best prices. Browse our exclusive collections that include rings of different shapes, styles, and patterns, and you are sure to find the perfect wedding band for you.