What to Get Dad for Father’s Day That Hasn’t Already Been Done

You’ve lived through over 30 Father’s Days and are now maybe even on the receiving end yourself. After so many celebrations, it may seem impossible to find something for Dad that he doesn’t already have, or that you haven’t given him at least a few times before. You ask Mom for ideas, you hint around to Dad, you watch and listen for clues, and … nothing. Crickets. No new ideas. What’s a son (or daughter) to do?

How about jewelry? Pick up your jaw. This is like no jewelry you’ve ever seen, and it will appeal to the most rugged of dads. It’s simple, practical, and unique. In fact, you’ll have a hard time not buying one for Dad and one for yourself. Also, it won’t break the bank. Bonus!

The modern man has a new appreciation for jewelry, especially with the rise of options that go beyond silver and gold. The latest trend in men’s jewelry is in alternative metals – titanium, cobalt, and Damascus steel are among the hottest choices. The ways artisan jewelry designers are using these metals are as unique as the metals themselves.

Modern Men’s Jewelry Choices

This year, you’ll see plenty of earrings in alternative metals for men. Gone are the days of a single diamond stud in one ear. Today, men who wear earrings wear them in both ears. They’re larger, so while diamonds are still popular, the larger fashionable size makes them more costly. Trendy alternatives are larger studs in titanium and stainless steel.

Stainless steel pendants have replaced the gold chains of the past. Pair them with hemp for a beach look, leather for an artsy vibe, or stainless steel or silver for an urban feel. Pendants are heavy and masculine. Titanium dog tags are also popular choices. A tow chain bracelet with a Persian pattern, or an outlaw bracelet with Byzantine-style links is classy and masculine on any man. Both are made with the brilliant polished finish of gleaming stainless steel.

If getting Dad an Apple Watch is out of the question, because either A – you can’t afford it, or B – he can’t figure out what to do with it, go with the next best choice in watches. Get him a Fossil fashion watch. They hover around $100 (have the siblings kick in) and come in enough fashion choices to find one that suits Dad perfectly. Maybe he just isn’t that attached to time these days. If not, how about a titanium and camouflage bracelet?

If you’re looking for a jewelry accessory with the greatest versatility this year, spring for a man-ring. Rings for men have exploded onto the fashion scene. The new metals like titanium and stainless steel combined with ingenious designs make great men’s rings that are attractive, masculine, and unique. Men can wear more than one ring on their middle fingers, but should avoid pinky rings. Here are some ideas for tapping into Dad’s personality and choosing the perfect ring for Father’s Day.

Men’s Fashion Rings for Father’s Day

If Dad is an outdoorsman, it’s almost too easy to find the exact ring he doesn’t know he’s been dreaming about! Choose from a large selection of laser engraved fishing, hunting, animal track, camouflage, duck band, koi fish, mossy oak, real tree, deer antler inlay, and other amazing rings with outdoor motifs. Bands are of different metals and finishes, and vary in color, edging, and design.

Many men are sports enthusiasts all year long, but they also have their favorites. Did Dad used to play college football? Is he an avid golfer now? Maybe baseball is more this thing? No matter what his favorite sport is, chances are there is a cool sports-related ring to match. The men’s gunmetal titanium baseball ring with red stitching is a favorite. The newest men’s titanium dome profile basketball ring is another sensation. Golfers love the men’s grooved edge titanium golf ball ring with a domed profile and sandblasted finish.

Keep it classy with a simple meteorite ring. A best seller is the men’s titanium Gibeon meteorite ring. We’re talking Star Wars style, here. This fabulous ring is crafted from titanium for a classic look, but the inlay is a real piece of the 4-billion-year-old Gibeon meteorite that was discovered in 1836. The 100-million-year-old Widmanstätten lines that were formed as the meteorite traveled through space make a unique pattern that you’ll only find on genuine meteorites. Talk about a conversation piece.

There is such a wild assortment of modern men’s rings, it will be tough to narrow it down to one.

What do you think? Which of these directions would you go when shopping for Father’s Day?