Why Some Durable Wedding Rings Are Bad for the Environment?

We all know that the environment is something we need to take care of and now we have all sorts of products out there that are conforming to new standards. This change in thinking has also brought in new products that many people never would have dreamed up. Within the jewelry industry, sustainable items are now being featured as well as tech styles that are meshing two things together into one. Who would have thought we would be wearing a watch that can read texts, emails and also monitor your heart rate? Now we have companies rethinking wedding bands and in the last few years, the rage has become rubber or silicone rings. Well, if you haven't been sleeping under a rock you might have heard about these rubber rings! Yes, rubber or silicone rings are a thing and they seem to be huge now. People are buying them up as an alternative to an everyday wedding band and there are so many reasons that people purchase them. Active lifestyles are a huge reason as well as work/life but many people don’t consider if they’re really that good for the world.

The silicone rings on the market range from the name brand rings coming in from $30-$40 all the way down to cheap $5 rings on Amazon. These rings are all made overseas in larger factories that pump them out for a cheap rate. Yes, they’re made from medical silicone but at some point, they will be over-made and the price of them will drop remarkably. Before you know it they’ll be in your local gas station at the counter checkout just like the rubber bracelet rage that happened years ago.

This presents a larger issue… these rings are not made like a gold or titanium ring where you have it forever. Often times people rip/tear them and they need to replace them. In our own shop here locally we have spoken with various customers who are now on their third or fourth rubber ring! In doing some simple research silicone is better than plastic but it still isn't biodegradable either. And we often know that over time when a product is “on trend” more companies will pop up and more product lines will also fall into line.

So before jumping on the bandwagon maybe look at your wedding ring options and stick to a durable ring that you can wear and that won’t end up in a landfill. Titanium or carbon fiber are just two of the materials that will stand the test of time and will also take on wear and tear very well. It’s easy to take your ring off for activities as well… Just keep it in a safe area and you’ll be fine.