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We know ring sizing is not the easiest thing to figure out...that's where we come in! This simple and effective ring sizing tool will help you find the perfect size prior to placing your order. And better yet, when you purchase this ring sizer we will send you a guide on how to use the sizers and other information you will find helpful.  The coupon can be found in the guide for 15% off!

USA Sizes- 4-13 (includes half/full sizes)- So this will cover most men and will help out the ladies too! 

Click to watch our video below on what to expect with your package! 


Here is how sizing works:

Standard Size- This is a pretty common method at jewelry stores and this ring sizer will tell you the same answer. Once you get the ring over the knuckle then you would want it to be snug around the finger. 

Comfort Fit- The measurement is taken from the center portion of the ring with a sculpted or rounded inside.  **Most of our rings are a comfort fit design inside. Please remember the wider you go the tighter the ring will fit. The smaller the width the more loose it will feel/fit. 

Step 1. Test fit a few rings in the group of rings. 

Step 2 Pull off 3-4 rings that you feel might work.

Step 3 Test out sizes to find the one that fits just tight or snug enough. It is up to you if you want it to fit more on the snug side of things or not.

Step 4 Head back over to our website to purchase your correct size. 

Get the sizer and we will send you a coupon code for 15% off your order! It is easy and simple and you don't have to leave your house.


**If you are over a size 13 please contact our team and we will work with you to get sizers to try out prior to ordering a ring**

***Please note that no coupon codes are eligible for this product. Must pay full price. 


Still need help? We can work with you to find the perfect size by over the phone... Call us at 866-215-1861 or email us at service@titanium-buzz.com