Women's Titanium Bypass Ring

Women's Titanium Bypass Ring

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Where style and elegance overlap.

Sometimes the greatest accomplishments in art and style are achieved by a slight shift in perspective or a minor twist on the expected; a small change that somehow changes everything. That is what you'll find in the simple sophistication of the Titanium Bypass Ring.

These are the rings we love, the ones that say the most with the least amount of add-ons or affectations, and what makes these bypass rings special is way they're forged. Rather than shape the titanium to meet as a single continuous band, the polished metal overlaps and fuses together along the sides. The ring measures 3mm at its narrowest point and then doubles to 6mm at its widest, and just like that, you have a masterpiece.

To make this bypass band your masterpiece, all you need to do is pick a size and we'll take care of the rest. We do provide engraving along the interior of the band, so don't forget to take advantage and customize your ring.

Find more bypass rings and other uncommon designs when you learn to expect the unexpected in our full collection of unique women's jewelry.

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