Titanium Hidden Message Ring

Titanium Hidden Message Ring

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Our Protection Plan Policy!
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Because your love is no secretÌ´Ìä

There's that old saying about hiding in plain sight; the Titanium Hidden Message Ring takes that idea to the next level with a special, customized message that's... well, literally hidden in plain sight! At first glance it looks like an ordinary ring with an interesting pattern engraved on it, but there's far more to this unique piece of jewelry than it seems!

What's the secret? Each ring is laser engraved with a personalized message that you create. The letters are precision etched across the entire width of the ring in a huge, narrow font. The message will be repeated around the circumference of the ring until it covers the full surface. From most angles, the letters look like an ordinary design, but when you tilt the ring on its edge (see inset photo) the full message leaps into view and becomes easily readable! Need some message ideas? Check out our list of the most popular ring inscriptions for inspiration.

Please note: CAPITAL letters work best for this ring so your message will be engraved in all caps. You can enter up to 50 characters of text for your hidden message. If you would like to engrave a message that has more than 50 characters, please send us an email or call us at 1-866-215-1861.

The ring itself is crafted from sleek, aerospace-grade titanium forged in a flat profile and given a nice satin finish. This ring is available in most whole and half sizes but due to the nature of the engraving it can only be created in an 8mm width.

Never be pigeonholed. Never settle for the status quo. Go your own way with the exclusive collection of Unique Titanium Rings at Titanium-Buzz!

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