Unique Engagement Rings

Unique engagement rings help you stand out. The only problem with engagement rings from every other jewelry store is they look exactly like every other ring from every other jewelry store. Those rings are not at Titanium-Buzz. Instead, we've assembled the ultimate one-of-a-kind collection of unusual and unique engagement rings to be found anywhere, online or off. If you want jewelry that lives at the intersection where different and beautiful meet, then welcome home.


Unusual Engagement Rings for a Unique Relationship

Unusual engagement rings are often the final puzzle piece for your relationship. Our unique engagement rings may be a bit unconventional, but we wouldn't have it any other way. In addition to our bestselling titanium engagement rings, like the unstoppable Camo Engagement Ring (literally the most popular item we sell), or the ultra-modern Fusion Tension Set Titanium Ring, you'll find tons of other favorites composed from exotic materials like cobalt chrome, black zirconium, carbon fiber, and more.

Why Different Engagement Rings Matter

Different engagement rings come to the rescue. You may notice that more "traditional" metals like silver, gold, and platinum aren't on the above list. The reason? Because we stick with what works. Alternative metals and materials don't just feel better, they look better, and they shine with a brilliance and luster that dims even platinum. They also last longer, much longer, than other materials, and it doesn't hurt that they're a lot less expensive.

Unique Rings Should not Cost as Much as a Car

Unique rings don't cost much. You should not spend a year to save for an engagement ring. Other jewelers know that you want your engagement ring to be special, and they use that fact to their advantage when it comes to pricing. We believe in doing in the exact opposite. Your engagement ring should be beautiful, it should last a lifetime, and it shouldn't cost as much as a car or a year of college.

Unique Wedding Bands for Women

Unique wedding bands for women should have a stone, shouldn't they? Some say it's the stone that makes the ring, and sometimes that's true, but it's you who picks the stone. Yes, we have real diamonds and other gemstones to choose from, and we offer them in great colors as well, but we are proud to offer beautiful synthetic CZ stones too. For a lot of people, CZ isn't just more affordable, it's also a more personal and often more elegant choice. Whatever your preference, we will work with you to make sure you get the stone that you want for your unique wedding bands for women.

Unique wedding rings for her

Unique wedding rings for her? Consider it done! At Titanium-Buzz, we don't believe in putting limits on art. We don't crank out a bunch of carbon copies of one style to be displayed in a case and re-sold over and over again. The way we see it, you are the artist, we are the brush. We can mix, match, or combine these and other styles in almost any way that you can imagine. Want a particular style with a different metal? Done. Want a different stone? Just tell us. Looking for a different setting? If it can be incorporated into the design, we'll be happy to do it. Want to start designing an engagement ring from scratch? Let us know what your ideas are and we will help you to find the best solution just for your unique proposal.

If you would like to customize your engagement ring or have any questions about these products, give us a call toll-free at 1-866-215-1861 or send us an email.

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