Whiskey Barrel & Satin Finish Black Men's Wedding Ring

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All the Details

Black Zirconium
7mm- 10mm
Flat, Comfort Fit Band
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Step aside all you lightweights!

Its time to change the game with this Whiskey barrel wedding band made to order. Yes you heard it right, this is real whiskey barrel inlayed inside the band with our signature comfort fit as well.

As you will see the whiskey barrel has the banding lines through the material and it really pops against this flat band. The dark band is made from material which is very similar to Titanium but when heat treated it forms this amazing dark look to the metal. Yes it is resistant to wear and tear but it will show minor scratching. Don't worry though we can always help you out and redo the finish if you end up really scratching this unique ring.

The wedding ring is durable, lightweight and comes in a variety of MM widths with the image showing a popular 8mm.

  • Whiskey Barrel inside
  • Comfort Fit Inside
  • Warranty is what we do! Yes even the wood can be replaced if damaged.

*Due to the nature of the wood sleeve we are unable to engrave this ring inside. 

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