Why Choose Titanium-Buzz?

Our Guarantee

Purchasing a ring, whether it's for a wedding, an anniversary, or just for looks, is a major decision, and we are honored that you have made us a part of the buying process. Our mission is to help you find the perfect ring and to make every step of shopping enjoyable and even fun. We've devoted our careers to designing and providing the very best in wedding rings and jewelry, and we are proud and excited to have a chance to bring our products to you.

In fact, our passion and our pride is at the center of everything we do. It's why we do what we do, and where other businesses see customers, we see friends. We see a community of people from all walks of life who share the same values that we do, a community that believes that jewelry is a deeply personal statement, that rings should last a lifetime and become heirlooms, that quality should be affordable, and that every customer's experience matters.

And that's why every product from Titanium-buzz is…


All of our rings are made to order and we take nothing off the shelf. When you order from Titanium-Buzz, the ring you will receive was made just for you, and only you. Our high levels of customization mean that most rings can be produced in a huge range of widths, sizes, and styles to achieve the exact fit and look that you want.

We can also do many on-demand designs based on your own ideas. If you've got a burning vision of a ring design that you would love to see made, call us at 1-866-215-1861 or email us at service@titanium-buzz.com to get the ball rolling.


We deliver the best quality rings for the best price, period. Some retailers seem to think that buying a ring for a wedding or an anniversary is an excuse to price gouge. We believe the opposite is true. Titanium-Buzz was started as a result of our founder's experience shopping for a wedding ring, and our guiding principle has always been to make finding and purchasing your rings something that's easy, fun, and won't break your budget.

Affordable is not the same thing as cheap, and all of our rings are built to last. You can always choose the suitable ring depending on how much you can spend on it. The materials that we feature were chosen specifically because their physical properties outperform other materials in every way. They are more durable, more comfortable, and more attractive than their pricier counterparts.


Did you know the three largest jewelry retailers in the US are owned by a single company? If you've ever found yourself thinking that most rings these days seem like they came from the same place, it's because they did. And if that doesn't seem right to you, then welcome to our club.

You won't find many of our styles in any jewelry store, especially not the big three, and we are proud of that fact. We are always pushing the edge of what's possible, whether it's from new styles by our own designers or from up-and-coming artists who are looking to make a big impact. There are plenty of jewelers doing their best to be like everyone else, we are doing our best to just be ourselves.

American Made

All of our pieces are made right here in the USA. We are located directly between Detroit and Flint, Michigan, and we know exactly what it means when something is "made in America." True, we could get some of our materials from overseas, and we could sacrifice a bit of the quality, and we could save a little on our overhead, but that would go against everything we believe in.

No, our rings are American-made by some of the best men and women working in jewelry today, and they always will be.

Protected for Life

If someone sells you something and they tell you it will last a lifetime, shouldn't they be willing to back that up? We are. That's why we offer a limited lifetime warranty on our products. If your ring ever breaks or fails structurally (it won't), we'll replace it at no charge. All you are responsible for is shipping.

We also offer an optional Protection Plan for added security. Subscribers to our Protection Plan enjoy additional benefits such as free engraving, one free size exchange during the first year, theft protection, and much more.


Jewelers tend to have one of two reactions when customers start talking about deadlines: They either tell you to take a hike, or they start twirling their mustache like a Vaudeville villain.

We prefer to not be jerks and to go with a third option: While there are very good reasons for ordering your ring as early as possible, we understand that sometimes life gets in the way. We appreciate how important your wedding or big day is to you, which is why we excel at fast production, fast delivery, and at meeting customer dates.

If you're concerned about the timing of an order or whether you will be able to get a ring in time, give us a call at 1-866-215-1861 or send us an email. We'll give you a straight answer and will do whatever we can to help you out.

Convinced? Then jump on in and start browsing our collections.