Women's Cobalt Eternity Ring with Black Diamonds

Women's Cobalt Eternity Ring with Black Diamonds

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Cobalt Chrome


Because eternity is forever.

The perfect women's diamond ring is more than an object. It's more than an accessory. It's more than a statement. No, the right diamond ring is eternal. It's the symbol of something that exists beyond us, a talisman of a love that cannot be expressed in words. This women's eternity ring is that symbol, is that talisman, and the love that powers it is forever. It's a black diamond ring unlike anything you've seen before.

The ring she will love forever starts with a 6mm-wide band of cobalt chrome, the only metal bright and beautiful enough to handle the richness of this design. Cobalt chrome is a brilliant near-white material that sails past platinum on the scale of luminous finishes and unstoppable hardness. Shown here with a satin finish, cobalt chrome's unmatched luster brings out everything we love best about this remarkable metal.

The near-white brilliance of the cobalt is the yang to the black diamonds' yin and is the contrast that makes this women's eternity ring explode with elegance and power. The deep channel in the center of the ring is set with approximately 28(!) .07ct black diamonds firmly ensconced and ready to gleam with the inky darkness of forever. Each diamond is perfectly cut and elevates this women's diamond ring to a level that is truly unmatched.

Please note: The number of diamonds used in this ring will vary based on the ring's size.

If you're ready to make this women's ring with black diamonds hers, then let us know and we will build her one from scratch. A wide range of sizes is available. Once we're finished building the ring, we'll ground ship it to anywhere in the USA at no charge.

About this women's eternity ring:

Nothing this brilliant comes easy, which is fine by us -- the challenge of designing and building rings like these is why we went into business -- but since each ring is a custom product, this style can take us a little longer than normal to make. How much longer? We need about 10 business days to get every detail perfect. If you need your ring sooner than that, let us know and we'll see if there is anything we can do to help you out.

Also, please keep in mind that because of the materials and time invested into this ring, it's extremely important that you provide us with an accurate ring size. We strongly recommend you read our useful guide to ring sizing.

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  • Made in the USA
  • Free domestic shipping
  • Made from cobalt chrome, the world's most beautiful metal
  • Satin finish
  • Approximately 28 channel-set black diamonds!

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