Women's Titanium Diamond Mud Bogger Ring

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Get the real diamonds in the rough.

Ready to make some people's jaws drop? We have what you need to make it happen, and the Diamond Mud Bogger Ring is here to kick some ass. This is the ultimate women's tread ring, and it's built to turn playing in the mud with your favorite toys into an art form.

Each of these diamond tire wedding bands is forged from ultra-durable and lightweight titanium. The precision-carved bogger tread pattern is studded with an un-freaking-believable number of diamonds up the center to throw some serious sparkle into the mix. The grooves in the tread feature a sandblasted finish that adds to the depth and texture of the ring, while the tread blocks are polished to stand out. It's a dramatic look, sure, but our philosophy is if you aren't going to go all out, then why bother?

Each women's mud bogger ring measures 9mm wide and is a one-of-a-kind labor of love that is available in nearly all sizes. Get yours today and become the true diamond in the rough!

Please note: Since this is one of the most customized rings we make, we have a strict resizing policy in place for this style. It is critical that you choose the correct size. Here are some tips on ring sizing to help you out. Two of our favorites: We strongly recommend that you get sized at two or more jewelers before ordering, and we also recommend that you try on actual rings, if you can, instead of a sizing or measurement tool.

If you have additional questions about sizing, please email or call us at (866) 215-1861. We will get you squared away.

About This Design

The number of stones in this ring will depend on the size you choose. For example, the number of stones in the example pictured here is 30. You read that correctly. Three-zero. Stone size is .03ct and the stone quality is SI1/SI2 and GH in color.

Keep in mind that those diamonds don't set themselves. Our women's tread ring is a handcrafted product. Due to the long hours required to create this ring, please allow up to three weeks for completion from your order date. It's a damn diamond mud bogger ring -- trust us, it'll be worth the wait. But if you have concerns about timing, please let us know about it. We pride ourselves in not missing deadlines, and chances are we can help you out.

Diamond tire wedding bands are just the beginning: More of the most unstoppable rings in the world are waiting for you in the complete Titanium-Buzz Elite Series, available now.

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