Wood Inlay Rings

What happens when you infuse the world's most versatile metal with nature's most striking hardwoods? The collection of wood inlay rings at Titanium-Buzz. This selection features rare, all-natural hardwoods showcased in nearly indestructible titanium frames. Sophisticated, elegant, and dare we say exquisite, each wood inlay ring boasts a striking, one-of-a-kind design destined to make a powerful impression.


Nature and Design Combine into Something New

If you were considering something colorful, something different, then this is the collection you've been waiting for, with choice pieces of exotic wood gathered from every corner of the globe. Color, texture, symbolism, incredible (and unmatched) durability: It's all here. These rings are all custom designed for our clients, and they're not like anything else out there today.

How We Protect Our Wood Inlay Rings

All of our wood inlay rings feature seamless construction and triple wood laminate. Each component is brought together in a patent-pending process that combines the strength you need with an illustrious look you will love. The lightweight tenacity of the titanium walls adds a further degree of protection that simply cannot be achieved by any other metal.

Our rings are handmade by passionate artists who love experimenting and working with fine materials. The results are utterly remarkable and utterly unique. These rings aren't just scratch-resistant and hypoallergenic; they're meant to be enjoyed for a lifetime

The Finest Inlays from Around the World

The inlays available in this collection include some of our favorite rare and exotic hardwoods. And from these we get new classics like the Titanium Brazilian Cherry Wood Ring and the incredible Koa Wood Ring. We've also put together hardwood inlay rings with walnut, ironwood, cocobolo, bocote, African blackwood, pink ivory, and many more.

Customization Comes Standard

No matter which wood you favor, each inlay creates a beautiful contrast against the titanium that is both modern and distinguished. It's a look that we love, but the final configuration of any ring is always up to you. Want a base metal that brings out a rich, darker blend? We can custom build one of these rings with black zirconium rather than titanium. Looking for a wood we haven't featured? Chances are we can provide it.

If you have an idea or have something in mind that you want to see, simply send us an email. We're always ready to talk rings!

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